lost in a moment of colour & make believe ... sometimes, you find your most authentic self.

we bring our lens, props & cyan aesthetic to create space for you to play with colour, light & authentic self expression ... cyan ... whimsical portrait photographers.

how we play

with just the right amount of bookings for any location, we bring our city lens, studio lights & colour to play for the day.

you can be as bold & colourful as you want or as subtle & monochrome as you want.

come in costume, dress ups or your favourite outfit; let’s play!

each portrait booking includes a mini photographic studio shoot, a set of low resolution selections & an editorial style post production of one, client selected, image.

we’re not like the rest

have you ever fallen into a film or a book that takes you away to a place of whimsy & fantasy while at the same time beautifully reflecting the reality of your everyday moments?

story telling through art & film does this for us … swept away by delightful, quirky characters, colours and light with just enough reality to remind us of our own moments … art & creative expression can be magic … cyan is inspired by this … a beautiful reality reflected back to you through a moment of colour and play …

this is how we play differently; we don’t just take your picture … we give you space to play … we don’t just capture another pretty face in another pretty vineyard, we give you an aesthetic & a visual narrative to play within. the shoot is only half of the cyan story … your most favourite picture is then put through an editorial post production process, to create a stylised image of you, a cyan image of you. something not like the rest, something whimsical, quirky & nothing like your everyday … let’s play!

the cyan process

we play with colour & theme to create a whimsical aesthetic for our portraits, this is at the heart of our process & what has our portraits cheekily spilling just outside of the box. this aesthetic is where our process begins … & ends.

  • from this place of whimsy … we book our next shoot location.
  • we love taking cyan on the road to regional locations that don’t often get to play with city lights!
  • once our location is booked (along with a space to shoot in, in said location! – know a great space near you? let us know!) we let you know when and where through socials etc
  • book your time slot! from here you can hop online & book your shoot time through our online booking system, each mini-shot is allocated 45 mins.
  • upon payment & confirmation of your booking we will send you an email with your ‘prepping for your shoot’ checklist. the checklist runs through how to prepare for your shoot including some great outfit tips & what to expect.
  • the week of your shoot we will flick you a reminder email, to just check off your time slot & any questions you may have.
  • shoot day is here! we will be set up for the day, we love shoot days! so much colour and play!
  • once you arrive at your scheduled shoot time, ready to be photographed, you will have time to chat with our photographer to talk through what you love about the cyan aesthetic & how you may like to play with colour and light.
  • lights poppin’! shoot time.. you will have around 30 mins & an outfit change to explore & play with your portrait. with a final click & a hug, the photographer will send you on your merry way ready for the next client. but … your shoot is only half of the cyan story …
  • within the week, you will receive an email with low resolution selections from your shoot! always exciting stuff! there will be anything from 10-100 images depending on how playful you were feeling on shoot day – remember the quantity is not what counts, it is about capturing a beautiful, playful image of you!
  • now for the hard part! you will need to select one (or more if you have purchased additional edits), your most favourite image from the selections for your edit.
  • once your edit selection has been received, our cyan post production team will edit your image to an editorial quality – this is a really important part of the cyan aesthetic & photographic difference; it is here we make our magic & play! our post production team creates a cyan stylized, outcome from your initial images; this is the whole cyan story.
  • you will receive a high resolution digital file of your edited cyan portrait, great for online or print.
  • from here, cyan can arrange a beautiful fine art print for you or additional image edits … & then … we bid you adieu’ … & send gratitude for choosing to play with us!
more ...

cyan shoot prep

booked your shoot? yay! we look forward to meeting you! In the meantime, we have a checklist we will send you that covers off what to expect on the day & how to prepare.

we cover off thing’s like when to arrive and dress suggestions, such as: it’s a great idea to think about exploring new outfits, op shops are our favourite places to explore with dress! another great tip is to find a local make up artist to collaborate with in prepping for your shoot, or booking a new style with your fav local hair stylist!

explore & play!

let's play for a moment!

Each portrait booking includes a mini photographic studio shoot, a set of low resolution proofs & an editorial style post production of one, client selected, image – provided as a high resolution digital file.

$250 (inc gst) per person

book a single shoot for any adelaide metro location, we bring our mini studio to you!

cant decide?

already had a shoot with us & like to purchase an extra selection or two for post production?

$85 (inc gst) each

cyan editorial post production – high resolution digital file. allow one week

want prints?

would you like a fine art archival print of your photographs from our master of prints, david hobbs?

8 x 10 – $55 (inc gst) each
10 x 12 – $85 (inc gst) each

cyan fine art – giclee print on photo rag paper. allow two weeks.if you would like a custom sized print, please contact us.

let’s chat ... we’d love to hear from you!

got a location you would like us to visit? roadtrip!

know of a space we could hire that would be perfect to shoot in? put the kettle on!

any questions? or suggestions? we take sugar with our tea, let’s chat!

we love a good op shop rummage – got any great costumes or props you think we would love? hit us up with images and pricing!

contact cyan via the form or by email at hello@cyan.net.au

question, question?

yes, we do, but have a very limited selection of clothes you can play with for your shoot. we try to have a range of sizes and styles that fit the cyan aesthetic… but… you never know what will work for you… so always come ready with your own outfits & props and use the cyan items as extras to add to your own.

we have found the images work best when it is just you, this gives you space to be, to be free of preconceived notions of who people think you are. but we do love playful partnered shoots! for our partner shoots we ask these to be booked in back-to-back time slots. each person will have an individual shoot & a cross over shoot together, each shoot will receive one edit, if you would like a third you will just need to hop online and grab another.

you positively can wear whatever you want or nothing at all! this is all about you & what feels like an expression of your most authentic self or your alter ego! cyan shoots are a safe space for self expression. while we have a range of dress suggestions in our check list, like avoiding obvious branding and 80’s patterns (what were they thinking?!) you can wear whatever takes your fancy!

the portrait format for cyan is for waist up, single or double portraits. if you really, really want to book a full family portrait using the cyan aesthetic message us & we will create a custom shoot for you!

as we try to share cyan with as many as we can in each location our timeslots are pretty tight, if you are late unfortunately this will eat into your shoot time, we are so sorry, but unfortunately we just need to keep it on track for the others throughout the day.

we know it’s tricky to pick just one … it happens often! you can totally get as many edits as you like, just scroll up and you will see a spot to order additional edits.

the selections you receive, to pick your fav to edit, are a low resolution file with cyan branding and no post production. as the unedited images are only half of the cyan story they do not reflect the cyan aesthetic & cannot be shared online. you can share them offline with family & friends to help you decide  which one to pick!? the resolution of these images is not suitable for print. if you would like unbranded images or high resolution images, you just need to scroll up to grab another edit.

well … ummm … we adore cake! bring all the cake! (gf please ; ) ) … sweets make fantastic cyan props!

so … here’s the thing … our aesthetic is what we do, it is our magic & our point of difference … if you don’t LOVE it … then we are not the portrait photographers for you, which is totally cool, we want to play with people who love our look, perhaps check out photographers near you and see which ones click with you the most.

we just need a minimum of 10 bookings… & we will road trip to almost anywhere we can drive to within a day… we are based in Adelaide. If you think you might be able to rustle up a few others, flick us an email & we will check it out!